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May 14, 2014

“Jerusalem Heights” is offering YOU a complimentary visit to Israel

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Prime Location Jerusalem Heights Luxury Apartments Image of airplane
Jerusalem is closer to you than ever before!
Illustrated image of real estate project On May 25-26, the Jerusalem Heights prestigious project will be hosting a special sales event at The Avenue Plaza Hotel in Boro Park, located at 4624 13th Avenue, Brooklyn.
The first five who sign up will be flown to Israel at our expense to see the project and enjoy a visit in Jerusalem.
*Subject to the company’s regulations.
The tax authority reported that in 2013, Jerusalem Heights
had the highest number of sales in Jerusalem.
To schedule a meeting click here:
USA + 1-509-337-4054, 1-516-823-7155, +972-2-6222-682
Visit our site in English at: html
Taaman Real Estate, AKA Real Estate, Carasso Real Estate

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