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March 22, 2010

Secretary Clinton is about to take the stage at AIPAC

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As I mentioned last night, JTA’s reporting and video team is on the ground at the AIPAC policy conference. One of the most important weeks in American-Israeli relations has commenced — the speeches, the private conferences, the hallway chatter, and the reaction from the attendees and the pundits could shape U.S.-Israel relations, the Middle East peace process and the fight to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons for years to come.

You know which Web sites and newspapers you should read to have your viewpoint confirmed. But, for straight ahead reporting and analysis — absent of agenda or partisanship — there is only JTA.

This is one of those weeks that strongly emphasizes the need for an independent, international Jewish news service.  If this service is important to you, we need you to support us with not just your valued readership, but with a generous donation.

By supporting JTA right now, you will be part of a growing chorus of voices from across the spectrum of Jewish life that affirm that — despite our differences — our community is only as connected as it is informed, and we are only as effective as we are connected.

Help keep the stories coming — not just during this crucially important week, but wherever and whenever the next important Jewish news story breaks.

Thanks in advance,

Ami Eden
Editor in Chief

P.S. Please remember, JTA has always been a not-for-profit news organization. Like PBS or NPR, we rely on support from readers like you to keep delivering the news you need, when you need it.  Please give generously today.

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March 19, 2010

JTA’s Passover Blog: Questions/Answers/Observations

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By now you’re probably up to your neck in Passover planning. I wanted to let you know about a new section on JTA. org that might make it easier and even more enjoyable (you are having a good time, right?).

We’re trying something different this year: The Passover Blog. You’ll find advice, recipes and other Pesach-related news and information, among many JTA features.  Plus, the blog offers a rolling, frequently-updated collection of the best Pesach content, commentary and video from around the Web.

And, we want your input, too!  Send questions, suggestions, family stories or anything else you feel like sharing to passovertips.  Just the other day we received an e-mail from a reader who needed a suggestion for a main dish for vegetarians. We put her question up on The Passover Blog, and in a short period of time two other readers had provided her with some suggestions.

OK, now back to your cleaning, cooking and packing.

Happy Passover!

Ami Eden
Editor in Chief

P.S. This blog and all of JTA’s reporting is funded in large part by support from our readers.  If you’ve found something interesting or useful on so far this year, we could really use a donation to help keep the stories coming.  Click here to give to JTA.

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March 18, 2010

70 Years of Saving Lives in Israel (sponsored announcement)

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