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January 20, 2010

VIDEO Anti-Semites Seeking to Put Israel Back on the Defensive

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VIDEO Anti-Semites Seeking to Put Israel Back on the Defensive

[VIDEO LINK BELOW] A video uploaded to the Internet is serving as a forum for the anti-Semites of the world to gather round and once again, accuse Israel, a trend that has been growing in popularity over the past year.

While the IDF team in Haiti, along with MDA, Zaka, and soon Israel Police are working round-the-clock, on the other side of the world, to save people, L’shem Shamayim, without anything to gain other than the good-will for the unconditional state-of-the-art medical care and assistance, a resident of Seattle Washington has opted to use the situation to incite against Israel, the IDF and the Jewish People. The 21st Century anti-Semite has become sophisticated, hiding the hate behind a suit and tie, calling themselves anti-Zionist but never anti-Semitic, for this is an unfavorable term. They learn from Israel’s neighbors.

The ‘Afri Synergy’ video (LINK BELOW)as it is called brazenly accuses members of the IDF team of being involved in organ trafficking. Undoubtedly, the report released last year by Swedish correspondent Donald Bostr ( contributed to the bold effort, the outright lie intended to stain the boosted image of Israel and the IDF as the world focuses on the humanitarian efforts being exerted by the representatives of the Jewish State and People, an effort that seems to pale the world’s superpowers, not to mention the oil-rich Arab nations and international Islamic community, which seem less than bothered by the pain and suffering in Haiti.

Some of the statements included in the video read as follows, “one of the things they are doing is they are really really showboating their presence on the ground there, in Haiti. It is good that they are there…there are scrupulous people who are also operating in Haiti; these are among rescue teams, medical teams, who operate there. We always have some in the crowd, and that includes the Israel Defense Force”.

The diatribe continues releasing the venomous lies aimed at shadowing the truth in the veil of hatred, using the strongest weapon the enemies of Israel possess, the old adage that if one recites a lie enough, it will eventually be accepted as the truth.

The narrator is “T. West” as he calls himself, seeking to hide behind an air of legitimacy, addressing us in a calm civilized tone, but the venomous hate is exposed by the outrageous baseless allegations at a time when the world focuses on the pain and suffering being endured by the Haitians following the quake.

He uses reports such as one released last year by CNN ( that ties Israel to international organ trafficking, adding a measure of credibility to his presentation.

The video may be pushed aside as that of a madman, but when YWN-Israel viewed it, there were already over 12,000 views, and it appears the video is getting around. T. West is smart enough to just make enough of an accusation to place a doubt in the minds of those seeking such a window of opportunity, explaining that while this is of course not the official policy of the IDF, there are those, the few, who use such situations for profit.

YWN VIDEO LINK: Click on the following link to watch this outrages video:

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


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