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January 20, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Republican Scott Brown Winner in Massachusetts Senate

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BREAKING NEWS: Republican Scott Brown Winner in Massachusetts Senate

9:23PM EST: According to the AP, Republican Scott Brown is the winner in today’s Massachusetts Senate, as residents of the Commonweath turned out in droves to pick a successor to Edward M. Kennedy.

Brown won over Democrat Martha Coakley.

The DrudgeReport reports that Coakley has conceded to Brown via telephone.

The Brown win eliminated Democrats’ 60-seat supermajority in the Senate and likely kill President Obama’s overhaul of health care.

The GOP voiced increasing confidence that Scott Brown, previously a relatively obscure state lawmaker, could win a razor-thin race that Democrat Martha Coakley seemed certain to win a few weeks ago.

Election officials in Boston said the turnout was more than twice the participation rate in the December party primaries. And a line of cars, at one point, was stretched for nearly a half-mile from a gymnasium at North Andover High School, the polling place for a community of about 30,000 about a half-hour north of Boston. Some drivers turned around in exasperation.

Speaking to reporters after she voted, Coakley voiced confidence she would win, saying “we’ve been working every day.”

Brown, who drove his pickup truck to a polling place to vote, played down the import of becoming the 41st Republican vote to uphold a filibuster, telling reporters, “It would make everybody the 41st senator, and it would bring fairness and discussion back to the equation.” He that should he win, he hoped Democrats controlling the state’s election apparatus “would do the right thing and certify me as quickly as possible.”

But he also dismissed polls showing a swell of support for him. “I’ve never been a big poll person,” Brown said. “I’m up in some, I’m down in some. And we’ll see what happens, 8:01 (p.m.).”

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, who died in August, held the post for 47 years. The last time Massachusetts elected a Republican to the U.S. Senate was 1972.

Massachusetts has a liberal reputation, but a full half of voters here are registered independent. Despite his conservative record, Brown has been tapping in to that independent streak.


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