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January 19, 2010

VIDEO: CNN Reports On Kiddush Hashem That IDF Teams Make In Haiti

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VIDEO: CNN Reports On Kiddush Hashem That IDF Teams Make In Haiti

[VIDEO LINK BELOW] While the performance of the IDF Homefront Command search & rescue professionals and the staff of the IDF field hospital in Haiti do not come as any surprise to the residents of Eretz Yisrael and Jews worldwide, it is indeed the focus of media attention.

As Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu stated at the opening of the Sunday morning weekly cabinet meeting, the crisis situation once again shows the world that Israel, a small nation has a big heart and when it comes to providing assistance, the State of Israel responds with assistance that far outweighs the modest size of the nation.

Israel, “which came from the other side of the world” as one CNN correspondent put it, was first on the scene and first to get a field hospital up and running. While the United States and other nations are indeed pouring a wealth of aid into the area, they have not yet succeeded in establishing a field hospital. Correspondents in Haiti are questioning “Wheres the United States!?”

In truth, the dire shortage of hospital beds and emergency care is disastrous, and while world leaders are of course releasing the media savvy statements, only little Israel is on the ground, providing the life-saving assistance, albeit, a drop in the ocean of pain and suffering.

Even CNN, which habitually portrays Israel in a dim light appears compelled to offer a video of the IDF teams operating in Haiti, a video that tells it like it is, showing the field hospital, not a primitive operation providing basic care, but a hospital that includes the state-of-the art equipment western medicine has to offer. Some of the equipment operating on site includes imaging, X-ray and ventilator capabilities as well as incubators and cardiac monitors.

YWN VIDEO LINK: The following CNN video depicts the hakoras hatov of the locals, the victims. Even CNN is compelled to acknowledge the sophistication of the field hospital, still the only operational medical center in the midst of carnage and destruction.

IDF teams continue working tirelessly to save lives, uncover victims, and bring a ray of hope to Haiti amid a disaster described by UN officials as the largest in the organization’s history.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


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