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January 17, 2010

The FUN way to support Israel

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Don’t you wish that you could do something for Israel?
Don’t you wish that you could sort out all her problems?
Don’t you wish that you could make a difference?
Well, you can! With IsraLotto, you can take part in the Israel National Lotto right now, in front of your computer.
How’s that going to help? Simple. The Lotto money is poured back into the economy as health services, infrastructure, jobs and more. Lotto has put over NIS 20 billion ($5 billion) into schools, clinics and other community services. (click here for more details)

By buying an entry you also show that you care. You give Israel a moral boost!
Click here to join now.

A quick guide to IsraLotto

You have fun and share in the dream that is Israel.

You select one or more Lotto numbers.
Your numbers are entered in the Mifal HaPais draws.
We inform you of the results, check for wins and arrange payout.
You are a winner by participating.
You have shown that you care.

How to select the winning number.

We haven’t a clue. But to assist you we provide the following information:

Share the dream
Enjoy the fantasy of winning the Lotto. In your minds eye you picture yourself having won. That’s the fun and excitement in playing Lotto. A magnificent dream.

But with IsraLotto there is much more. You are a partner in the dream of building up Israel, the ancient yet modern Jewish homeland. As soon as you’ve taken a subscription you are a winner: a partner in this noble enterprise.

“It’s not the number that wins the Lotto”

The story goes that a chassid who regularly took a certain number in the Lotto had a dream. In this dream a new number was emphasized. So, in the next draw he entered this new number. The original number won! Downhearted, he went to his Rebbi.

The Rebbi explained: “In G-d’s plan, it’s the person that wins the Lotto, not the number.”

Win NOW!

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