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January 15, 2010

One Year later: Crew, Passengers Reunite On Anniversary Of Splash Landing

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One Year later: Crew, Passengers Reunite On Anniversary Of Splash Landing

Passengers and crew members from US Airways Flight 1549, including Captain Chesley “Sully? Sullenberger, reunited today on the one-year anniversary of the splash landing on the Hudson River.

After meeting for breakfast on Park Avenue, the passengers, crew members and the captain held a ceremony on Pier 79 in Manhattan.

They also took a ferry ride on New York Waterway’s Thomas Jefferson, the first ferry to respond to the scene.

At 3:31 this afternoon, the exact minute the plane hit the water, they will all raise a toast to life.

Sullenberger says this is a special day and praised his crew and all those who helped in the rescue effort.

“We have much to celebrate, much to be grateful for,? he said. “On January 15, 2009, we had a remarkably good day. And I think it’s because we had a group of people who made it their mission in life to preserve every life.”

“I don’t know if it was a miracle. I would say you chalk it up to great skill set of people who train for the worst case and hope that it never happens,? said Mayor Michael Bloomberg. “The pilot, co-pilot, and all the crew members showed that training really makes a difference.”

The plane took off from LaGuardia Airport headed for North Carolina, but was disabled after a flock of Canada geese flew into its engines.

All 155 people on board were saved.

(Source: NY1)


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