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January 13, 2010

The Days of Israeli Pride Appear to be Gone Forever; Ayalon Apologizes To Turkey Following Deadline

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The Days of Israeli Pride Appear to be Gone Forever; Ayalon Apologizes To Turkey Following Deadline

While reports are somewhat conflicting, it appears that following the intervention of President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, the Foreign Ministry may indeed be issuing a formal apology to Turkey, after Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon announced earlier Wednesday that no such act would be taking place following his clarification issued earlier. His words were echoed by Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, resulting in the announced backing from Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Turkish President Abdullah Gul issued an ultimatum on Wednesday, stating that if Israel does not apologize by day’s end, he would recommend recalling Turkey’s ambassador. It was clear from his statement that this would be the case if an apology was not forthcoming. Gul understands that just like Israel has acquiesced with terrorists in negotiations over the years, the same would be true in the diplomatic talks, as he has seen since the signing of the Oslo Agreement in 1993, an act that seems to have routed Israel on a path of unilateral self-destructive concessions to her enemies.

Earlier Wednesday evening, sources in Jerusalem indicated there would be no apology and the Turkish ambassador was being recalled, but now this is uncertain due to the high-ranking intervention, seemingly trying to prevent yet a further breakdown in relations between Jerusalem and Ankara.

In his comments in Knesset earlier in the day, Ayalon stated with confidence that ultimately, he believed his handling of the affair would prove mutually beneficial, but it appears Netanyahu and Peres do not share his confidence.

Unfortunately, usurping the Foreign Ministry and the state’s integrity, 17 MKs signed an apology and sent it to Turkey, feeling their noble gesture was an act that is praiseworthy, stepping in to correct the malfeasance of the Foreign Ministry, yet in actuality, it just serves to further divide the administration and send a message of weakness and a lacking of unity to the Turkish administration, which has been nothing but hostile to Israel over the past year.

Turkey’s official news agency is reporting the ambassador will return home for discussions, and possibly, Turkey will lower the level of its diplomatic representation in Israel.

Some reports on Wednesday night state that Deputy Minister Ayalon issued a letter of apology on Wednesday evening, but Turkey, which exhibits national pride, something that appears lacking in Jerusalem, insists its ambassador will be returning home on Thursday morning.

Without any official statements being released from Israel at this time, it remains unclear if an apology will be forthcoming from the deputy foreign minister; and if the Turkish ambassador will remain or return home; and if so, temporarily or for good.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


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