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January 13, 2010

Jan. 13: Rogue Lubavitchers, Helping Haiti, Kosher Market Growing

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Featured Stories

Rogue Lubavitchers feast on fast day, sparking uproar

Rabbi Zvi Telsner, the chief rabbi of Melbourne's Chabad community, said the dissidents' behavior
Rabbi Zvi Telsner, the chief rabbi of Melbourne’s Chabad community, said the dissidents’ behavior “was in total disregard of Jewish law.” (Peter Haskin / Australian Jewish News)
Dissident Lubavitchers in Melbourne who organized the feast, which can be seen on YouTube, said they were adhering to a Jewish tradition, but a Chabad leader in Australia called it a “a massive and reckless” act of blasphemy. Read more »

Israel, Jewish groups sending help to Haiti

Israel has sent a delegation of experts to Haiti and U.S. Jewish groups are collecting donations in the aftermath of a massive earthquake. Read more »

Questioning of Women of the Wall leader sparks protests

The Conservative synagogue movement is launching a campaign to protest the recent questioning and possible prosecution of a leader of the group Women of the Wall. Read more »

Clinton, lawmakers pushing for talks

Calls are mounting in Washington for the launch of new Israeli-Palestinian talks without preconditions. Read more »

Editors’ Picks

Kosher’s growing market (N.Y. Times)

With its reputation for greater scrutiny, kosher food products are attracting a growing market of non-Jews interested in cleaner food and food certified as compatible for those with gluten or dairy allergies.

Robots at war (Wall Street Journal)

Israeli is pioneering the use of robotic warfare, developing new technologies that may remake the battlefield.

Jimmy Carter, unforgiven

The Zionist Organization of America rejects President Carter’s apology to the Jewish community and criticizes other organizations that offered more positive responses.

Like father, like daughter (Boston Globe)

Shari Zakim, 23, a Hillel leader at Northeastern University who uses a wheelchair, follows her father’s path with a letter to the local newspaper sparking a furor over treatment of the disabled.

Supermodel in the IDF (Israel21c)

Israeli supermodel and soldier Esti Ginzburg, 19, talks about balancing her military service with modeling and acting (she’s appearing in Joel Schumacher’s new film “Twelve”). Israel21c has the video.

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Breaking News

A U.S. contractor held in Cuba helped the island nation’s Jewish community access the Internet and connect with world Jewry.
Israel’s deputy foreign minister apologized to Turkey over a public reprimand of its ambassador.
An FBI agent said he was fired because he is Jewish, saying he was unfairly under suspicion over lawful contacts with Israel and AIPAC officials.
A municipal employee in Calgary is under investigation for allegedly running at least two anti-Jewish Web sites.
The Jordanian government has asked the United Nations to help it take the Dead Sea Scrolls from Israel.
An upstate New York rabbi in a plea bargain admitted to “inappropriate physical contact” with an underage boy.
A fund-raising letter rebuking a primary candidate’s views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is heating up a House race between two Jewish candidates.
An American-born rabbi and his wife intend to fight fraud charges when their case reaches court in South Australia.
A large swastika was scratched on the car hood of a Jewish high school student near Los Angeles.
A Kassam rocket fired from the Gaza Strip landed in the western Negev.
Bar-Ilan University has been tapped to launch a new Israeli medical school.
A new report shows that the study of Israel at major American universities has grown significantly.

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