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January 13, 2010

American Jew Held in Cuba as American Spy

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American Jew Held in Cuba as American Spy

60-year-old Alan P. Gross has been identified as the “American spy” arrested in Cuba last month. Gross, a member of the Jewish community is a resident of the Washington suburbs and traveled to Cuba to provide communications equipment for Jewish non-profit organizations, the New York Times reports.

A former field organizer for US President Barak Obama’s presidential campaign, American officials confirm Gross was sent to Cuba as part of an American program to provide support and assistance for religious non-profits. Admitting Gross lacked the proper visa, American officials adamantly deny that he was engaged in subversive activities, stating he is not a spy as is alleged by Cuban officials.

Cuban officials on the other hand are seeking to make this into a diplomatic issue, and they say Gross’ actions represented a threat to Cuban national security.

The report states that this was not Gross’ first visit to Cuba, and in past visits, he brought satellite and communications equipment to assist to Jewish community groups.

During a follow-up trip to Cuba in December for Development Alternatives Inc., a contractor working with the United States Agency for International Development explained that are unable to comment on his work. One person quoted on the condition of anonymity explained Gross went to get a firsthand look as to how the people were using the equipment distributed to them previously.

“His work in Cuba was focused on facilitating communications among people in a nonviolent, non-dissident religious organization,” DAI said in a statement.

During his illustrious career, Gross, an international development worker, traveled to no less than 50 countries, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Armenia and Kuwait.

Officials on Capitol Hill are signaling this incident will undoubtedly have an impact on America’s policies vis-vis Cuba and if the Obama administration will continue on the path of its predecessor.

Gross has not been charged by the Cuban government and the report states that to date, the United States has received very little information from officials in Havana regarding the details of the allegations begin made against him.

(YWN International Desk)


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