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January 12, 2010

Jan. 12: Palin and the Jews, New Camp Foundation CEO, West Bank in 2010

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Featured Stories

Conservatives debate Jewish antipathy for Palin

Conservatives are debating the degree to which Jews dislike Sarah Palin and whether the antipathy is deserved.
Conservatives are debating the degree to which Jews dislike Sarah Palin and whether the antipathy is deserved. (Auburnxc / Creative Commons)
Two Jewish conservative commentators debate whether elitism or Sarah Palin herself are to blame for her problems with Jewish (and non-Jewish) voters. Read more »

Camp foundation names new CEO

The Foundation for Jewish Camp has named Jeremy Fingerman as its new CEO, the organization announced Tuesday. Read more »

Can West Bank improvements hold in 2010?

The year that just ended was the quietest between Israel and the West Bank in a decade. With the West Bank economy booming and security improving, can the quiet and prosperity be sustained in the absence of peace talks? Read more »

Editors’ Picks

Birthright alternative (N.Y. Jewish Week)

An enthusiastic advocate of Jewish in-marriage has broken with Birthright Israel to offer his own free 10-day trips to Israel so he can unabashedly promote the idea of marrying Jewish.

The Jewish newspaper (N.J. Jewish News)

The editor of the New Jersey Jewish News responds to a blogger who writes that the newspaper is “boring, uninteresting and irrelevant,” and consequently has no right to exist.

Jews leaving Devon (Chicago Jewish News)

Is Chicago’s Jewish Magnificent Mile dying?

Israeli conservation is for the birds (Haaretz)

Is the Negev osprey destined for extinction?

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Breaking News

Miep Gies, the woman who helped hide Anne Frank and recovered her diary, has died at 100.
Iran’s Foreign Ministry is claiming that “Zionists and American agents” planted a bomb that killed an Iranian nuclear scientist.
Two U.S. foundations announced that together they have given away some $50 million to Jewish peoplehood projects in the San Francisco area, Israel and Poland.
C-SPAN said a call-in host should have upbraided an anti-Semitic caller.
Bruce Landgarten is the new chief executive officer of the Jewish Federation of Palm Springs and Desert Area in California.
Pope Benedict XVI called for “universal recognition” of both Israel’s right to exist and the rights of Palestinians to an independent state.
The Anti-Defamation League has accused two Muslim groups of using an Islamic summit as a platform for anti-Semitic rhetoric.
The Israeli Foreign Ministry is protesting what it described as the Turkish prime minister’s “unbridled attack against Israel.”
A leading pro-Israel congressman hosted a business meeting in his offices between Israeli officials and a defense contractor in which he profitably invested.
The leader of the main settlers’ council in Israel for 30 years has resigned reportedly over ideological differences with other settler leaders.
An American Jew who made aliyah four months ago was expelled from the West Bank for expressing support for an alleged Jewish terrorist.
National Security Adviser Jim Jones will meet with “key leaders” in the Middle East.

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