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January 7, 2010

N.J. Gov.-Elect Christie Says ‘We Are Broke’

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N.J. Gov.-Elect Christie Says ‘We Are Broke’

NJ Gov.-elect Chris Christie said today he will cut off state funding to struggling cities, saying they must cut spending and no longer rely on Trenton.

But before Christie takes office, the state is set to give about $72 million to Camden, Bridgeton, Union City and Paterson in aid designed to keep property taxes from rising while maintaining basic government services.

Christie also said cuts to the $1.5 billion in regular give-backs to cities and towns across the state are “on the table” as he prepares a painful budget due March 16.

The state budgeted $141.9 million this fiscal year in aid for struggling cities and towns, down from $170.3 million, but Christie said he is putting municipalities “on notice” the money will not be there at all next year.

“You better budget based upon what you can raise, because we dont have the money to continue over and over again to shovel out extraordinary, special municipal aid to municipalities who have not responsibly budgeted, no matter where youre located in the state,” he said. “The state can no longer be your court of last resort. We are broke.”

The programs targeted are designed to help towns and cities keep property taxes lower while still maintaining services, with “extraordinary aid” aimed at municipalities with short-term problems and “special aid” for longer, structural problems.

(Source: NJ Star Ledger)


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