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January 7, 2010

Jan. 7: Conservative Kibbutz Revival, Hadassah Hospital Head Resigning, Kotel Activist Questioned

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Featured Stories

Once-failing kibbutz pins hopes for revival on Conservative Judaism

Rabbi Yoav Ende and his wife, Shira, are one of 10 mostly young couples who are hoping to revitalize Kibbutz Hannaton, Israel's only Conservative movement kibbutz.
Rabbi Yoav Ende and his wife, Shira, are one of 10 mostly young couples who are hoping to revitalize Kibbutz Hannaton, Israel’s only Conservative movement kibbutz. (Ben Harris)
Kibbutz Hannaton is drawing new members with the idea of creating a new kind of religiously committed, pluralistic community in Israel. Read more »

Reform activist questioned by police

Anat Hoffman talks to The Wandering Jew about being questioned by police and possibly charged with a felony for wearing a tallit at the Western Wall. Watch video »

Hadassah hospital’s director to resign

The top-ranking professional at the Hadassah Medical Organization in Jerusalem is resigning. Read more »

Poll: Jews more conflicted on immigration than leadership

A new poll commissioned by a pro-enforcement organization suggests that American Jews are more liberal than other groups on immigration, but also more conflicted on the issue than the leaders of Jewish organizations. Read more »

Editors’ Picks

Portman doesn’t want to play Jews (Elle)

She might be every yeshiva boy’s fantasy, but according to an interview in Elle, Natalie Portman doesn’t like Holocaust roles or overtly Jewish characters.

Rabbis shift on in-vitro maternity (Jerusalem Post)

Many of Israel’s most influential rabbinical arbiters now consider the egg donor to be the halachic mother of a baby born through in-vitro fertilization.

Should donations to settlements be tax free? (Forward)

Can tax-exempt donations in the United States be used to fund activities that run contrary to U.S. foreign policy?

Gaza on film (N.Y. Times)

With Gaza under blockade, an Israeli human rights group issued 18 video cameras to young people to document life in the crowded coastal strip.

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Breaking News

The shooter in the attack on the U.S. Holocaust Museum has died.
The Obama administration and Israeli officials denied a report saying that Rahm Emanuel warned that the United States could pull out of the peace process.
Israeli police questioned a prominent Reform movement activist in connection with the wearing of prayer shawls by women at the Western Wall.
The only synagogue on the Greek Island of Crete sustained significant water and smoke damage in an arson attack.
At least 10 mortar shells fired from the Gaza Strip hit southern Israel.
A man was taken off a Detroit-bound airplane in Miami for making anti-Semitic threats.
An Israeli defense system designed to shoot down rockets and mortars shot at Israel from the Gaza Strip was successful in field trials.
A planning and building committee approved new plans to build a Jewish neighborhood in eastern Jerusalem.
A Massachusetts investment manager was arrested for running a multimillion-dollar Ponzi scheme that preyed heavily on elderly Jewish country club members.
The Chabad house in Mumbai has received a letter threatening another attack.
A Jewish human rights organization recalled the 1936 Berlin Olympics in slamming the International Olympic Committee for barring female ski jumpers from the Winter Games.
The family of an American Jew who disappeared in Chile in 1985 has joined a prominent open secrets group in demanding that Chile declassify documents in the case.
A cache of bombs was discovered buried in southern Lebanon near the border with Israel.
No charges will be filed against an anti-Semitic mob that tore down a menorah in Moldova.

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