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January 4, 2010

Security Breach Causes Lockdown At Newark Airport; Flights Being Held At Terminal C, Passengers Are Being Rescreened

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Security Breach Causes Lockdown At Newark Airport; Flights Being Held At Terminal C, Passengers Are Being Rescreened

Terminal C at Newark International Airport was locked down on Sunday because of a security breach, according to the Transportation Security Administration.

Officials say the terminal was being cleared and passengers were being rescreened.

The TSA says an individual went through the exit lane inside Terminal C, bypassing security, at about 5:30 p.m. It is unclear if he arrived from a flight and walked down the exit, or if he just walked from the street.

It’s possible that the individual simply got confused walking through the terminal and went the wrong way, but since the TSA cant verify that he had been screened, authorities need to find him. Terminal C has been evacuated.

Flights have been held at the terminal, and officials are looking at surveillance footage. Port Authority police are assisting in the search, and passengers have been asked to come back to be screened again.

The TSA released a statement later Sunday night:

At approximately 5:20pm at Newark Liberty International Airport, a man was observed entering the sterile side of Terminal C from the public side via an exit lane without being screened. TSA immediately halted screening at Terminal C’s security checkpoints and worked with law enforcement to pull airport surveillance tapes to identify the individual in question.

While the Port Authority Police continued to look for the individual, at approximately 7:45pm, TSA and the PAPD cleared the sterile side of Terminal C and began moving all travelers back to the public side of the terminal for rescreening. This effort will ensure that every passenger boarding an aircraft tonight out of Newark’s Terminal C has been fully screened.

Persons who willfully evade screening procedures are subject to arrest and criminal prosecution.

(Source: WCBSTV)


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