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January 1, 2010

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Tragedy Strikes Jerusalems Shmuel HaNavi Neighborhood

When the ambulance arrived at Jerusalems Bikur Cholim emergency room during the night, with medics removed a bloody bruised infant, immediately changing the mood in proximity of the ambulance. The silence that prevails when the shock is simply too great was present, the air became thick, quiet, as police responded to the scene, one that resulted in the death of an infant, by the hands of her own father, a young avreich who lost his temper, taking it out on their baby daughter.

On the one side, senior Jerusalem Police commanders stood and stared, realizing they were standing between a rock and a hard place, as Eida Chareidis askanim began filing in. No one had to utter a word, no one had to say “autopsy?. It was clear that if police were going to call for a post mortem, the streets would be ablaze within minutes.

The crowd became larger as the word spread throughout the Shmuel HaNavi neighborhood of the capital, with more and more members of the community heading to Bikur Cholim, perhaps seeking verification of the horrific news.

Perhaps the large crowd, the presence of the askanim from the Eida, and the appearance of the scene of known activists including Kopel Schwartz prompted police to release the small body without demanding an autopsy. Kopel got out of the taxi and immediately sat on the ground, preparing to launch a protest. Police did not waste time, moving in and making two arrests.

After police gave the okay to permit the kvura of the infant, Zaka arrived to tend to the body. The young mother was broken her world shattered, her baby gone.

Following a heated argument with her husband she left their apartment, and he took out his rage on their 8-month-old daughter.

Shortly after 2:00am, police okayed the kvura, Zaka moved in, and the crowd dispersed.

According to preliminary information amassed by investigators, the young couple had a heated argument and the wife left. Shortly thereafter, neighbors heard screams from the home, crying, prompting them to call police. Police broke down the door of the home, finding the 23-year-old chassidishe father, who tried to attack them in his rage. Ynet reports that it was determined later in the night that he is “mentally unstable?.

Upon the arrival of police, the infant was still alive, albeit exhibiting bruises over her entire body and suffering from respiratory distress and internal bleeding. The infant was rushed to Bikur Cholim Hospital, a few short blocks away, where doctors tried in vain to save her young innocent life.

Sadly, a few dozen members of the community arrived at the hospital and tried to assault police, perhaps fearing an autopsy. For some, police have become the sworn enemy, even in situations such as this, when their intervention was nothing less than an effort to save a childs life.

Resuscitation efforts were unsuccessful, and the infant died of her massive injuries, apparently inflicted by her father. Hashem Yerachem.

The couple is married for two years. The husband is reported in his early 20s, and has a 4-year-old daughter from a previous marriage, who was in the apartment at the time. She was unharmed [physically].

Police report the father takes pharmaceuticals for his mental condition, adding he has been involved in domestic violence in the past. (Yechiel Spira YWN Israel)


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