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December 29, 2009

Al-Arabia Report Hamas Rejects Israeli Offer

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Al-Arabia Report Hamas Rejects Israeli Offer

5:00PM IL: According to a report filed by al-Arabia, Hamas leaders in Syria are rejecting Israel’s response as efforts towards a prisoner exchange deal between Israel and Hamas continue. The report released by al-Arabia TV a short time ago states Israel’s refusal regarding the release of 50 terrorists appearing on Hamas’ list is holding up the deal.

Mahmoud a-Zahar left Gaza for Damascus for a meeting with Hamas leader Khaled Meshal, where they and others discussed the Israeli offer, which was given to them by the German intermediary. Hamas appears to be maintaining its hard-line policy, unwilling to compromise, insisting Israel will have to release all the prisoners on the list.

Earlier in the day, Hamas official in Lebanon, Osama Hamdan spoke with Hizbullah’s al-Manar television. He echoed statements from other leaders of the terror organization that Israel’s response delivered via the German mediator is being reviewed and a decision is being reached. He stated that both Fatah Tanzim leader Marwan Barghouti and PFLP Ahmad Sa’adat are both on Hamas’ list. He explained that even if Israel reject’s Hamas’ response, negotiations would continue.

Hamdan was ask if it is true that Hamas has rockets capable of striking Tel Aviv, to which he stated, there will be “big surprises”, citing there are rockets with “even a greater range than that”.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


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