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December 24, 2009

Dispute in Meah Shearim Leads to Charedi Attack Against Cops

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Dispute in Meah Shearim Leads to Charedi Attack Against Cops

Police crime scene investigators arrived on Avodat Yisrael Street in the Meah Shearim area of Yerushalayim on Wednesday, assigned to probe property damage and a dispute. The arrival of police shifted the attention of involved parties, and police became the common enemy, finding themselves under attack by area residents.

It appears this incident is the long version of the YWN-Israel report on Wednesday afternoon, when a police vehicle on the same street was damaged and police were called “Nazis” by local residents. The police vehicle’s windows were smashed, tires punctured and vandals tried setting the car ablaze.

Neighbors explained the problem began earlier in the day, stemming from a dispute from Kollel Poland, the landlord of many Batei Warsaw homes and the area residents. The dispute focused on monetary matters. After some of the locals broke through the kollel fence in an act intended to anger kollel leaders, police were summoned, resulting in the investigators arriving on the scene to examine the damage and to take statements from residents. Veteran Jerusalem police spokesman called the response “chareidi brutality”, angered over the unprovoked violence directed at police, who simply were trying to do their job.

He added that he is well-aware that the actions of these few are not at all representative of the chareidi community, stating police are working to track down the responsible individuals, signaling he believes arrests will be made soon.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


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