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December 22, 2009

Dec. 22: A Gloomy Decade, Big-Time Jewish Gag, Iran Rejects Nuke Deadline

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Featured Stories

A gloomy decade later, Jews still fighting J2K virus

Some of the scenes and faces from the past decade, when the world Jewish community faced many threats and challenges contributing to a growing sense of unease and anxiety.
Some of the scenes and faces from the past decade, when the world Jewish community faced many threats and challenges contributing to a growing sense of unease and anxiety. (JTA staff; 9/11 photo: Andrew Coulter Enright, Creative Commons)
Things were looking great for the Jews in the year 2000, but then a sharp turn for the worse brought a decade of worldwide anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism, growing threats to Israel and the near collapse of the global financial system. Is there any cause for optimism? Read more »

A Jewish gag’s journey to the ‘Tonight Show’

Late-night television audiences have come to expect zany song-and-dance numbers from Conan O’Brien’s “The Tonight Show,” but the show’s recent Mormon Christmas send-up actually had its roots in an unusual place: an offline brainstorming session among progressive Jewish bloggers. Read more »

From ‘holiday’ to ‘Chanukah,’ a busy week in D.C.

JTA’s Ron Kampeas reports on Washington’s holiday circuit — plus an appropriate, if not seasonally correct, apology from former President Jimmy Carter. Read more »

Op-Ed: U.S. Congress must act to help Holocaust survivors

Lawmakers must quickly pass soon-to-be introduced legislation that would help Holocaust survivors and the victims’ families get payments for Holocaust-era insurance policies, a key Republican lawmaker writes. Read more »

Editors’ Picks

Stop picking on Demjanjuk (Esquire)

Scott Raab criticizes the campaign to prosecute John Demjanjuk, as well as the Jewish community’s obsession with the Holocaust.

Dallas ballet founder: I’m Jewish (The Dallas Morning News)

For more than half a century after surviving World War II, Denise Brown kept her Jewishness a secret. Then her granddaughter decided to have a bat mitzvah.

Debating vaccines (The Jewish Chronicle)

Pittsburgh’s three Jewish day schools have all enacted vaccination policies stricter than those mandated by the state, refusing to recognize the right to an exemption from immunization based on religious or philosophical grounds.

The tallis wars (N.Y. Times)

Challenging Orthodox control of the Western Wall, more than 150 women, many of them wearing tallitot under their coats, showed up for a public prayer service last Friday at the Kotel.

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Breaking News

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad rejected a year-end deadline to accept a deal to trade low-grade enriched uranium for nuclear fuel.
The chief defense attorney in the war crimes trial against John Demjanjuk belittled the testimony of Dutch survivors who lost family members in Sobibor in 1943.
Benjamin Netanyahu’s inner Cabinet has given Israel’s negotiating team the go-ahead to continue talks for the release of soldier Gilad Shalit.
The head of a Brooklyn-based Chasidic sect was sentenced to two years in federal prison for a decade-long fraud and money-laundering scheme.
Conservative rabbis are being asked to adopt healthy eating, exercise and lifestyle habits.
Despite renewed tensions over his decision to move a controversial wartime pope closer to sainthood, Pope Benedict XVI is still expected to make a historic visit to the main Rome synagogue.
The European Court of Human Rights ruled that the exclusion of Jews and Roma from Bosnia’s highest state offices is unlawful discrimination.
An Arab-Israeli lawmaker accused some immigrants of being “fascist” during a debate over two bills that would allow Israeli communities to reject potential residents.
The Oregon Jewish Museum in Portland opened in a new location.
The Canadian government cut its longtime funding to a Christian ecumenical group after accusing the Toronto-based group of being anti-Semitic.
A home from the time of Jesus was discovered in Nazareth.
Two Israeli teens arrested in Egypt after intentionally bicycling across the border were returned.
A Sephardic Jewish center in Toronto unveiled a water fountain donated by the King of Morocco.


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