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December 21, 2009

Tragic Petira Of R’ Dovid Frost Z”L (Lakewood)

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Tragic Petira Of R’ Dovid Frost Z”L (Lakewood)

YWN regrets to inform you of the tragic Petira of 37-year-old R’ Dovid Frost Z”L, a Yungerman in Lakewood Kollel, and a nephew of Rav Matisyahu Soloman Shlita, the Lakewood Mashgiach.

R’ Dovid had been involved in a serious car accident in Upstate NY while returning from the Friar Tuck Inn (Catskill NY), on SundayDec 13 (Chanukah). He was travelling withhis wife and six children at the time of the crash, which occurred on Route 23 in Cairo, NY.

He was transported to the Albany Trauma Center, where he was to undergo a surgery on his knee. Sources tell YWN that complications arose during the surgery, which left himin critical condition, and fought for his life until his Petira just a few moments ago early Monday afternoon.

His wife and children had all been taken to various Upstate NY hospitals as well, and have all been released except for one child still in Albany Trauma Center. (Arrangements are currently being made to have the child moved down to NYC.)

Volunteers from Misaskim are currently in the hospital, and working with the local medical examiner and officials to have the Niftar released as soon as possible and transported back to the NY/NJ area for a Levaya.

Further details will be posted as soon as they are confirmed and available to us.

Boruch Dayan Emmes….


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