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December 20, 2009

Barak Preparing For Major Military Operation To Halt Settlement Construction

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Barak Preparing For Major Military Operation To Halt Settlement Construction

Right-wing lawmakers, leaders of communities throughout Yehuda and Shomron, along with many who voted for the current government, are angry after learning of Defense Minister Ehud Barak’s military operation, phase two of his enforcement of the 10-month construction freeze announced by the cabinet.

The operation was formulated by the IDF’s Central Command, an operation that will involve a large border police force, as well as specialized police forces such as Yassam and Yomam, the Shin Bet and even the air force, which will be supplying up-to-date- aerial photographs. The army will be taking an outer-ring position, but soldiers will be called in if reinforcements are required.

The plan, which appears nothing less than a major military operation, is intended to address buildings throughout Yehuda and Shomron deemed ‘illegal’ and ‘unauthorized’ by the cabinet. Barak intended to destroy these buildings in the phase 2 implementation of the construction freeze.

A command center has been established for the operation, monitoring the situation and continuing to gather real-time information on illegal outposts and construction in Yosh. Involved in the command center are intelligence unit soldiers and officers, as well as IDF Hagmar forces. On any day, the plan of operation for the following day will be formulated, submitted and approved by 1:00pm, and the IDF’s General Staff will be briefed daily.

If demolition orders are to be implemented, a number of steps are to be taken. First and foremost, the community will be isolated by security forces. Cellular telephone transmissions will be jammed, and the community will be closed to any and all members of the press. While soldiers will not be in the front-line force, soldiers will always be standing by, and called in should commanders determine the situation demands the reinforcements. Soldiers are also being instructed on the use of live fire.

The plan calls for totally isolating a community, and using the element of surprise, as well as entering with an extremely large force.

The Office of the IDF Spokesperson released a statement that the military is responsible for carrying out a government decision.

Yosh human rights organizations decry the military operation, questioning the legality and moral justification for using military law against residents of communities throughout Yehuda and Shomron.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


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