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December 17, 2009

Dec. 17: Winding Down in Arkansas, White House Chanukah, Shmuley on Tiger

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Featured Stories

Winding down Jewish life in an Arkansas town

At 93, David Solomon still spends most days at his law office in downtown Helena, Ark.
At 93, David Solomon still spends most days at his law office in downtown Helena, Ark. (Ben Harris)
Fewer than a dozen Jews remain in Helena, Ark., a majority of them in their 90s. Yet they continue to meet for Friday night services in private homes, just as the city’s first Jewish settlers there did nearly two centuries ago. Read more »

Chanukah II: Obama’s Revenge

After being assailed for just about every imaginable trivial deviation from Bush-era Chanukah celebrations, the Obama White House not only headed off the critics, the organizers managed to go their predecessors a couple better. Read more »

Deciphering the Obama polls

Surveys don’t always offer clear answers, says JTA’s Eric Fingerhut. Take two recent surveys — one of American Jews and one of Israelis — dealing with attitudes about President Obama. The former found that Jewish support for Obama has plummeted, but a closer look reveals that finding to be virtually useless. The survey of Israelis is scientifically solid, but the numbers provide a more complex, divided view than previously thought. Read more »

EU ‘concludes’ that Israel must step up peace pace

As the European Union revamps its foreign policy structure, Israel is considering the damage it could cause if EU-Israel ties continue to slide. Read more »

Editors’ Picks

Shmuley on Tiger (Showbiz Tonight, L.A. Jewish Journal)

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach gives his two cents on why Tiger Woods and other men cheat — and what the worldâ��s best golfer can do to turn this around.

Mr. Summers and Mr. Cantor go to New York (ZOA, YU)

Sunday night brough two big D.C. power players to New York for Jewish events: Eric Cantor, the only Jewish Republican in Congress, spoke at the ZOA annual dinner, and Lawrence Summers, President Obama’s senior economic adviser, addressed Yeshiva Univeristy’s convocation. Read the speeches.

Sally Quinn does Shabbos (Washington Post)

The Washington Post’s party columnist reports on her first Shabbat dinner.

Don’t worry, be merry (Christian Science Monitor)

Kathleen Vallee Stein writes that she has no problem with people wishing Jews a Merry Christmas.

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Breaking News

Ehud Olmert proposed exchanging with the Palestinians West Bank settlement blocs for land bordering the Gaza Strip, an Israeli daily reported.
Hamas leadership in Gaza is interested in accepting Israel’s latest offer for a prisoner swap to release a captured Israeli soldier, an Arab newspaper reported.
Israeli lawmakers are threatening to boycott British products in retaliation for special labeling of products from the West Bank.
Britain is exploring ways to enable Israeli politicians to visit without the threat of an arrest warrant or legal action by pro-Palestinian groups.
The European Union’s new foreign policy chief criticized Israel in her first speech.
Vandals damaged a public menorah in a Russian city.
Israeli police scuffled with and arrested several Palestinians rallying at Jerusalem’s Nablus Gate.
The U.S. and Israel discussed economic development and high-tech cooperation at a conference in Jerusalem.
Two Kassam rockets fired from Gaza landed in Sderot.
The DNA of a shrouded man from the first century found in a Jerusalem tomb revealed the earliest known case of leprosy.


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